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TJ LawrenceTJ Lawrence is leatherworker and craftsman based out of Eustis, FL. Formerly of the IT world, Lawrence is now focusing his energies on creating useful and beautiful leather pieces, hand-crafted to last.

What began as something to try on for a new hobby quickly became a therapeutic and artistic outlet. Both tedious and time-consuming, he finds the medium rewarding both as an artisan and for the end users, producing everyday items that are both attractive and sturdy.

The newest addition to his catalogue of handmade leather goods are a long-awaited goal now realized: an Old Florida style knock-about, go everywhere sandal known as The Inspiration. Handcrafted, Lawrence punches every hole, hand-stitches every stitch in the genuine leather uppers with natural beeswax-coated hemp twine, and glues, hammers, and assembles the insole and resoleable crepe sole.

Believing in the virtue of voluntary, cooperative human interaction, Lawrence has partnered in an apprenticeship with an established local cobbler. The two help one another, Lawrence providing a helping hand around the shop and the cobbler providing access to consumer-grade leatherworking equipment and shoe repair knowledge. It is a trend Lawrence hopes to continue, forging ever more mindful, mutually beneficial relationships in the future.

Lawrence is grateful to be able to pursue a craft he loves, building community along the way. He thanks you for your support.

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